Profile: HONEY VARGAS – a versatile singer and performer

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honey2Honey Vargas recently appeared in the limelight surprising his fans with a successful concert at the Huberts Stadl in Vienna’s 10th District on  Friday, October 25, 2019.

Congratulations, was the word that showered Honey after her concert.  Supporters and fans filled up the concert hall to witness  Honey’s concert.

During the three-hour performance, Honey was accompanied by Leon Taudien. The two artists presented famous songs and hits from over four decades.

The audience were mesmerized with every rendition of the songs. She  showcased her talents not only as a singer, but indeed as a performer, to the delight of her fans.

The Performer

Honey comes from Jaro, Iloilo City. She lives in Austria with her husband Wolfgang Ritter and daughter, Chairmaine.  Honey is very proud to contend that her daughter Charmaine is  World Champion in Kickboxing and double black belter.  She had been awarded twice as an Austrian champion and European champion in Kickboxing.

Honey grew up listening to music and began singing at the early age. In Vienna, she is well known for her versatility as a performer.

And what does Honey have to say about her performance? “It’s an amazing feeling being up on stage and feeding off of the energy of the crowd. It makes you want to give even more.“

For Honey, performing makes her music complete.

„You appreciate your efforts so much more when you sing live and people give you instant positive feedback,“ Honey added.

honey7Relation with fellow Filipinos

During the past years, Honey operates Karaoke bar, where music loving Pinoys and friends meet and enjoy each other’s company.

„I love my fellow filipinos in Austria, I have a very good relationship with them because I’m a kind of woman who is open minded,“ Honey said.

Passionate about singing and performing, Honey is hopeful and looking forward to another concerts in the future.


Honey wants to impart a very important message to her „kababayans“.

„Sometimes the difference in whether you succeed or whether you don’t comes down to one simple thing – believing in yourself. If you don’t really believe that you can do  something, you are not  going to give your full effort and without this  your chances  of succesfully achieving your goal are greatly reduced.“

„Also, if your goal requires help from others, you then need them to believe in you. If you don’t believe in yourself, why would they believe in you. Every successful goal that you ever achieve will have one common thing that they require, that is – that you believe in yourself,“ Honey added.

Honey is very thankful to her Filipino friends for supporting  her since the beginning of her career as  singer and performer.


Future shows

What/where and when do we expect to see Honey as a performer?

„As a Pop/Rock performing artist of course there will be an upcoming events in the future. My next concert will be with Joffree Olorga. I will post some further details about the event on FB… Just watch out,“ said Honey.

— Hector Pascua, ABS-CBN News, Austria

Pictures, Randy Ilagan

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