The Rise of Filipino YouTubers In Austria

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Social media is the avenue where people in all walks of like connect and communicate. Naturally, with the rise of websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, these social media networks have given people an opportunity to be exposed to a large audience.

BLOGGING was an informal medium of expression and an account of personal experiences updated regularly by their writers or content creators on the worldwide web. Until it became popular during the rise of social media as a more tangible, authentic reference materials for many subjects like fashion, lifestyle, technology, food, cooking, travel and more.

Then we saw more blogs and bloggers becoming social media endorsers, thus the term – social media influencers.

As the internet and social media becomes even more complex and advanced, people are turning from newspaper to online news portals… and from written words to photos and now… videos. Even the very popular social networking sites like Facebook has evolved from a simple photo sharing site to sharing of videos.

Without a doubt, video log – or what is now popularly known as VLOGGING is making its mark as one of the most powerful and effective way to capture an audience. With the lessening attention span and constant mobility of people, a few minutes video could already convey a strong message or promote a certain cause. With YOUTUBE as one of the widely used site, users are allowed to post videos and create a channel just like creating an account on Facebook and other social networking sites. And recently, Facebook and Instagram have also introduced a feature where users can upload videos in the form of Stories.

Philippine-European Press wants to introduce some of the FILIPINO YOUTUBERS IN Austria who are making waves and gaining more and more followers through their different video contents.

  1. Marites Rietsch – MariTheExplorer
  • (as of 11.09.2019): 222 videos
  • VLOG CLASSIFICATION: Shopping, Life in Vienna, Fashion and Travel
  • DESCRIBE THE VLOGS IN ONE LINE: An online odyssey of her life in Austria as Shopping Vlogger and the beautiful places she visited.
  • SCHEDULE OF UPLOAD: regularly
  1. Jilliane Morada – JILLSTREET
  • (as of 11.09.2019): 1,118 subscribers; 85 Videos
  • VLOG CLASSIFICATION: Festival related videos and Random Vlog such as travel, Filipino and Austrian events and lifestyle
  • DESCRIBE THE VLOGS IN ONE LINE: It aims to inspire others by sharing her passion
  • SCHEDULE OF UPLOAD: regularly


  1. John Morada – JOHN2M Channel
  • (as of 11.09.2019): 22 videos
  • VLOG CLASSIFICATION:Travel, Tourism, Photography
  • DESCRIBE THE VLOGS IN ONE LINE: His purpose is to introduce new places, as well as interesting people and culture.


  1. Johna Penanueva
  • (as of 11.09.2019): 53 videos
  • VLOG CLASSIFICATION: Tourism in Austria and Food vlogs
  • DESCRIBE THE VLOGS IN ONE LINE: Her vlogs would be more of what’s about happening around her, anything that could showcase her skills in story telling and videography.
  • SCHEDULE OF UPLOAD: regularly
  • IMG_6347

In the coming days, we can expect more quality vlogs to come out from these talented vloggers. JillStreet (Jilliane Morada) contends that she has lot of plans in order to improve her videos and contents.

“As Vlogger, it is not enough that we have followers and fans. We regard also the prominent vloggers and follow their examples. We take into consideration the signs of the times. It means we should adapt ourselves to new trends including the social media and current events. For instance the latest trends on editing that attract the viewing public. Indeed, it is a never ending process of learning in order to improve our videos and contents,” Jilliane said.

Through video blogging Marites Rietsch (MariTheExplorer) was able to overcome her depression.

“Vlogging helps me a lot in my life as Overseas Filipino Worker. Before I experienced  a lot of depression most especially when I lost my job and got sick. I asked myself what could I do in order to overcome my depression. By watching Youtube videos, I was a bit relieved from my loneliness and came to point of telling myself, why not do the same. That was the starting point of my career as Youtuber,” Marites contended.

Johna Penanueva on the other hand considers her Channel as a chance to promote Filipino culture.

“I would consider myself as a normal Youtuber. I only want to show my audience and subscribers the places I visited in Austria. I also have videos about Filipino foods. It is a way of sharing the Filipino culture through Vlogging,” Johna said.

John Morada, the only man in the Vienna Pinoy Vlogger scene developed his passion on Vlogging when he posted a video of his family taking walks around Vienna and got a lot of views. John also vlogs about health lifestyle and photography.

from left: Johna Penanueva, Marites Rietsch and Jilliane Morada

from left: Johna Penanueva, Marites Rietsch and Jilliane Morada

The Pinoy Vloggers have tips for aspiring Vloggers:

Marites: My advice to aspiring Vloggers: Be patient and enjoy what you are doing.

Jill: If you have an interesting content, vlog it! Showcase yourself and the place where you are. Build up your confidence! If others can do it, you can likewise do it!

As story tellers, just like the bloggers, vloggers must continue to enhance their creativity, develop engaging contents, try to be relevant as much as possible (not just following a fad), without losing their “identity” as a creator. And we see bright lights beaming from these young and brilliant minds. – END

Note: If you are a FILIPINO VLOGGER in Austria and your channel is not on this list, kindly contact me and I would be glad to include your channel here. Email me at:

  • Hector Pascua, ABS-CBN News, Vienna

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