Poisonous Snakes in Passengers’ baggage from the Philippines uncovered at Vienna airport

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Source: Kronen Zeitung

Custom officials at the Vienna International airport have uncovered a spectacular case of animal smuggling: in the suitcase of a passenger, no fewer than 43 poisonous snakes and another 45 reptiles were discovered on entry – all alive!

An Austrian living in the Philippines who  traveled via Doha to Wien-Schwechat did not fake out the watchful officials of the airport customs. The customs officers on duty were suspicious of the man. So they took a closer look at the traveler’s suitcase and sent it through the X-ray detector machine. The machine showed moving objects inside the passengers’ baggage.

Animals packed in stockings

Finally, the animal smuggler admitted that poisonous snakes are in the baggage. Experts from Tiergarten Schönbrunn were immediately contacted. Inside the baggage was 43 (!) Poisonous snakes and 45 lizards, geckos and other reptiles. Most of the animals were individually packed in fine stockings for transport.

20 specimens are also under strict protection of species, which is likely to increase the penalty for the Austrian. He will be penalized  for violations of the Species Trade Act and smuggling. The man wanted to sell the reptiles in Germany. These are now currently in good hands in Tiergarten Schönbrunn and the reptile zoo Happ in Klagenfurt.

— Hector Pascua, Pictures: Kronen Zeitung, 12. September 2019

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