Feature Story: Helenna Jouja, a successful Artist with Filipino roots

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The painter with an enthusiastic art lover

 An international Pinay Artist based in Vienna  made a successful coupe as one of the richest business tycoon in Austria, Richard Lugner purchased one of her paintings.

„I was in the First District in Vienna and passed by Gallery Steiner,“ Lugner told HEUTE, a boulevard newspaper.

„The owner of the Gallery, Corinna Steiner called my attention. She wanted to show me something inside her gallery. I went inside and saw a displayed acryl made painting, where I am portrayed  together with my former Opernball Visitors,“ Lugner continued.

Helenna Jouja is currently one of the international painters having an exhibition at the Gallery Steiner.

Lugner bought the masterpiece and now  finds a worthy place in his office.

Helenna Jouja is a Filipina-Canadian  artist based in Europe. She writes in her personal website: I am multilingual  (She speaks English, German, Japanese, Tagalog and Spanish fluently. She is also trying to learn  French and Italian) and have undergone some formal studies in pre-medicine, nursing, computer, education, business, painting, beauty and hair culture.

The paintings of Helenna Jouja „are not as simple as it seems to be because it has unique stories behind, that have made it more fun and challenging for me. If it was not, I preferred to discontinue working on it because of boredom or if it was an order I refused to make it.“


Business tycoon in Austria, Richard Lugner bought the painting of Helenna.

She writes further „I find painting so challenging because it involves giving solution to the  image I want to achieve. What I mean is that, most figures I want to draw are not readily available anywhere around me or online. I simply could not find the right models to complete the image, so most of the time I engage myself in an imaginary solution. I just imagine it and ask myself, “does this make sense, if this is this long or this short?” Having encountered art problems, I thought I should go to school to learn from the masters, but I think they would only transfer to me what they had learned from the others, which would prevent me from discovering how the great artists in the past had discovered their innermost talents themselves. I want to experience the joy of discovering something too, yes, definitely! I know I have to have a need to create something to discover something. Otherwise, I will just be doing what others are doing in terms of art, which I find not worthwhile. I want to find out myself how the things work without having to follow instructions, and that is the way I am in terms of painting.  I wanna be free in my thoughts. I want to create. I want to have an independent artistic mind.“

Mother of innocenticism art

Helenna Jouja‘s art genre is for non-art lover a strange one. She called it Innocenticism. She wrote: „Probably because of my attitude towards art, I have made a bride’s daddy cry with my innocentism visual art. Innocentism art is my own invented word for the art I am creating. I used to refer myself as the mother of Innocentism art. And slowly the viewers themselves will discover what innocentism art is. Anyway, going back to the daddy of the bride, I was not expecting such a reaction! He was not expecting my painting to be so beautiful. Well, it is not really that beautiful but thank you so much! And thank you so much also for appreciating all my works.“

Artist ambition:

Helenna dreams to be one of the greatest artists of our time, and she wants every work of her to be visited in museums around the world.

„I know it is quite ambitious of me or, maybe I don’t have what it takes, but who knows what will really happen 100 years from now, so I might as well wish for the best,“ Helenna wrote

helena17As an international Artist, Helenna Jouja made already a number of painting exhibitions  in Vancouver, Kamloops, Manila, Krakow, New York, Zurich,  Vienna. This year 2019 will be in 2 cities in Italy and again in Vienna.

Everyone is invited to view her amazing works at the Kunstraum Art Gallery in the Ringstrassen Gallery in Vienna, Austria. Helenna works exclusively with the said Gallery.

For more detaily about Helenna Jouja, visit her Website: www.helennajouja.com

Hector Pascua, ABS-CBN News, Austria


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