Vienna Population grows

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Quelle: APA/ORF

Quelle: APA/ORF

Vienna’s population has reached the 1.8 million people mark – the highest it has been since 1934. The figure was released by Statistics Austria

The head of the statistics department of Vienna’s city government, Himpele Klemens said that a combination of births and immigration currently makes for a growth rate of 20,000 to 25,000 new inhabitants each year.

During the past 14 years, Vienna’s population has grown by 250,000 new residents – roughly the same as

“We are currently experiencing an absolute growth phase,” Himpele told the Austrian Press Agency (APA).

Vienna is the second-largest city in the German-speaking world, sitting behind Berlin with its 3.5 million people.

It is estimated that there are around 19,500 births and around 16,000 deaths each year.

The population growth has only been occurring since 2004, with more people being born than dying in Austria’s capital city.

By 2050, statisticians expect the average life expectancy in Vienna to be 89 years for women and 85 years for men. Currently, 51.7 percent of the city’s population is female.

Despite the increasing number of elderly people, the average age of Viennese is falling – by 2016, Vienna will be the youngest place in Austria, with 14.2 percent of the city’s residents under 15 years old.

— Hector Pascua (with Reports from Kronen Zeitung/the Local)

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