Ginang Filipina-Austria 2015 Coronation Night held

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The Winners - (from  left) 2nd Runner-up Milagros Amboy, Ginang Filipina-Austria 2015 Cecille Prinz and 1st Runner-up Marissa Schauberger

The Winners – (from left) 2nd Runner-up Milagros Amboy, Ginang Filipina-Austria 2015 Cecille Prinz and 1st Runner-up Marissa Schauberger

On Nov. 14, 2015 at the well-decorated and glamorous Haus der Begegnung Donaustadt the “Ginang Filipina-Austria 2015” was crowned with about 400 guests in attendance.

The fifteen pretty candidates showcased their gorgeous evening gowns and lovely Filipiniana gowns. It was a night to remember as the guests were having a grand time.

The contestants of the Ginang Filipina-Austria 2015 are all married women. Not only that they had been awarded the coveted title but also received special awards like Mrs. Friendship, Sponsor’s Choice Award etc.

The Ginang Filipina-Austria 2015 pageant is organized by Generose production.

The judges had the difficult task of choosing winners based on beauty and talent and qualities as a mother as all the candidates possessed the werewithal. The audience had a field day guessing the winners as the emcee called out the different awards.

43 years old Cecille Prinz was crowned Ginang Filipina-Austria 2015 and won the Most Photogenic Award.

IMG_0095“The Ginang Filipina-Austria 2015 pageant is not about the outside beauty but the beauty of the heart-the desire to help and to be proud of our cultural heritage, the embodiment of the true Filipino motherhood. Thank you so much for your support, ” Prinz told ABS-CBN News after the Coronation Night.

Milagros Amboy, 58 yers old garnered the 2nd Runner-up while Marissa Schauberger got the 1st Runner-up.

Charitz Magistrado Zamora of the Generose Production maintained that the Ginang Filipina-Austria Beauty Search does not only highlight the beauty and talents of married women, but also honors their achievement, who despite their marital status and busy schedules as wife and mother, still make time to improve themselves, their personality, get involved in social work in their community, and contribute positively to our society.

According to Zamora, the event aims to honor the Filipinas who bravely faced adversities, fought challenges, triumphed over them, and learned from their experiences which led them to become who and what they are today.

IMG_0021“We are deeply overwhelmed with the success of the Ginang Filipina-Austria. That is why, in the future, we will surely make the pageant even bigger to reach out to more Filipinas and to let them know about the pageant’s advocacy, which is women empowerment,” Volet Gerstl, one of the pageant organizer told ABS-CBN News.

Gerstl encourages married or single mothers Pinays in Austria to join the next Ginang Filipina-Austria and take the chance to prove themselves and become an instrument of empowerment and source of inspiration to others.

  • Hector Pascua, ABS-CBN News, Austria

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