Enjoying a day in Trogir, Croatia

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Just a short drive from our apartment in Mastrinka is the town of Trogir. Originally A very colorful city with a historic past, Trogir is a Unesco World Heritage site and a very easy town to walk through and enjoy the many landmarks and attractions.


Trogir is a short bus ride away from Split, it takes approximately 30 minutes.

According to the history of the old town, Trogir was originally a Greek colony called Tragurion (island of goats) founded as a trading settlement in the 3rd century.  In succession, the island past through many rulers to include: the Romans, Saracens, Venetians, Hapsburgs and then Croatian rulers. The architecture of the town has many beautiful influences including: Medieval, Romanesque, Renaissance, Baroque influence of the Venetian time frame and Gothic periods blending into a very eclectic and colorful town filled with many architectural gems.


Tiny medieval streets wind through the enchanting town revealing hidden restaurants and eye-catching galleries. It felt like we were transported back in time, to a period where tall brick-walled fortress-like buildings were spanned across the entire town, to a period where the small alleys which run through the town seemed to take on a mystical form of their own.


Trogir has a wide seaside promenade snaking around the town, culminating in a charming port full of sailboats. I have a soft spot for seaside promenade, made all the more gorgeous by the medieval structures and cobble-stoned boardwalks flanking the circumference of it.


While walking with my wife, we noticed a tall and magnificent fortress along the seaside promenade. We came nearer to this stunning structure and learned that this is the Kamerlengo Fortress. First erected in 1420, the Kamerlengo Fortress is a much-loved attraction amongst the locals. It was built buy Republic of Venice in 15th century. Nowadays it’s used as a place for perfomances. One can climb up the tower and look at town from above.


As we walked towards the harbor, we saw see rows of restaurants and cafes lined up, all with promises of giving the guests the best seaside culinary experiences. This is the more commercialized and touristy part of Trogir, where most tourists would just sit by the promenade and enjoy the seaside breeze.


IMG_0111 Just outside of the island next to one of the main bridge crossings to Trogir is the daily farmers market. It’s worth a visit to try some local delicacies and other prepared foods or try some of the in season fruits from farms nearby. Fish Market is also located  just few meters from the farmers market.



One of the most characteristic building in the whole Trogir is the Cathedral of St. Lawrence. There are a lot of small and narrow passages, but it’s hardly possible to get lost.

— Hector Pascua

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