Jackie Mauersberger-Arce: Pinay Art Gallerist in Vienna

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A Filipina International Art Promoter / Art Gallerist  emerged into the limelight of  Georgia, as she brought  in the country the works of Salvador Dali, one of the greatest historial artists of all time.

Jackie Mauersberger-Arce, who owns the jma gallery in Vienna, Austria was commissioned by a private art conglomerate in Tbilisi, Georgia  to exhibit the works of Dali, the first ever art exhibition in the country.

jackie-300x181Dr Nino Metreveli, Art critic and the one responsible for the Dali Exhibition in Georgia told ABS-CBN News that  the exhibition is very important for the country since it is a way to promote Georgia in the world of Art.

“We appreciate very much that Jackie Mauersberger-Arce gladly accepted our invitation to exhibit the works of Dali in Georgia. We have selected her Gallery based on her credentials. She works with different international art galleries and art dealers. She is really a professional arts gallerist,” Metreveli added.

jma Gallery

Jackie  established the  jma Gallery  in May 2001 and has  participated  in almost 70 international art fairs in Europe.  Likewise, she organizes and curates  exhibitions in museums in the USA and in different countries. Her more than 25 years of experience as an international artist involving in the international art market and through her extensive knowledge of different art business sectors, she became very much aware of what the international art collectors and clients consider important.

Jackie’s Gallery  represents  historical artists, renowned international artists and  newly emerging artists. Aside from the sculptures of Salvador Dali  which is registered with the Gala Dali Foundation in Figueres, Spain, the gallery has exclusive artists  like Tauno Kangro, one of Estonia’s best and most well known artist, specializing in bronze sculptures, The gigantic sculptures of Kangro have become the symbols of many places in Estonia.

Jackie’s Gallery has also a good working collaboration with one of the largest art gallery in northern part of Italy Palma Arte, an Italian Art Gallery, thus representing exclusive artists like Paolo Da San Lorenzo, Ademaro Bardelli, Fabio Calvetti and Qu Art Belgium.


Jackie maintained that the world of art is very tough and the international art market  is protected by some sectors, thus,  she feels that discrimination is very much rampant  here.  “Since I started as an art gallerist, I  have never been accepted in any of the art fairs in Austria. However all other European countries have recognized me as international  art promoter and art dealer. Since I am a Filipina and at the same time very much active in the international art market, it seems that  the Austrian art galleries and many Austrian artists cannot accept it,” Jackie contented.

Jackie has been degraded by some Austrians who disregard the potentials of her gallery though with her  strong personality, she always has the conviction to fight and depend her dignity and pride as a Filipina.

Without any  political support  Jackie  has established a  good image and reputation as a gallerist  and international art promoter. She is able to build a successful collaboration with some international art galleries and Museums not only in Europe but also in other countries.

International Contemporary Art Fair in Manila in 2009

Jackie’s plan to promote the Philippines in the world of Art, thus gaining international recognition for the Philippines,  did not materialize in 2009.  Everything had been prepared for the Art Fair. 50 International Art Galleries and dignitaries voiced out their participation in the ICAF Manila. Nevertheless, responsible agencies in the country showed no interest on the project.

“My main goal and purpose of the ICAF MANILA was to build a lasting collaborative alliance with the Philippines’ local art galleries and government institutions that I hoped will be instrumental to the promotion of Filipino arts and artists. It was for me distressing to realize that the project did not materialize,” Jackie related ABS-CBN News.

Message to fellow artists “There are  few tips I can share. Humanity, humility, Respect your potential contacts, learn to trust, do not envy other artists, (that brings you bad omen) Never underestimate people. Do not be selfish. Be very grateful to all the opportunities you receive, do not take advantage other people specially potential supporters. Learn to apply give and take in the art business. Do not be greedy. The competition is huge you have to present good quality artwork. Learn how to distinguished the quality of art. It may be possible to accomplish all things, but not simultaneously have patience and perseverance. Accept constructive art critics in art,” Jackie said.

Being a Filipino, especially in another country has given Jackie the special opportunity to “raise our flag” in his chosen field, which is that of art. She had always believed that Filipinos excel in many fields, and art is no exception. Having gained the recognition and validation for her art and her ability to bring to the world the works of famous international artists is further testament to the brilliance of the Filipino people in the field of art.

“Being an international art Gallerist and a Filipino at that, I have always recognized the importance and value of my culture and roots. Through this you will be able to find your place in any society in the world. And you further enrich yourself as you nurture and share your God-given skills and abilities. With all these in place, you will inevitably place yourself in a position where you inspire other fellow Filipinos to take national and individual pride,” Jackie concludes.

Hector Pascua, ABS-CBN News, Austria

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