Filipino Values

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Filipino Values, where are they? This question might cause some reactions to “kababayans” here who feel the importance of  this query. I am alarmed by the way Filipino values have changed with the changing times, both technologically and gosh, in the age of superhighway..

KP_Pagmamano-300x225Anyway, here is the deal here: what is happening to the once very conservative Filipino values? As a Filipino living  in a foreign land, but grew up in the Philippines,  I have to be honest in admitting that in order to be accepted in this very liberal society, some values had to be changed a little bit. However, I do know for a fact that no matter what happens, I will still be proud of where I came from. Most of you might think that I am just too proud of being Filipino.. but you see, there are so many things to admire about Filipinos.. well. Here are some of the Filipino values that I am seeing less and less of..

a.) Saying “po” or “opo:” I am aware thatlots of Filipino kids  who grew up outside the Philippines has not been introduced to this very polite way of treating the elders. If you are in my house, it is  mandatory that these words be uttered  everytime you talk to someone older than  you. Why is this disappearing? I am not so sure of the reason why, but I think that  trying to be too Westernize has something  to do with it. Of course, one can still  respect the elders without saying “po” or “opo” but I do feel that Filipino kids ought to be taught by their parents this form of  respect.

b.) Sense of commaraderie: To fellow Filipinos not residing in our homeland, we are aware of how we, at times, tend to treat our fellow Filipinos.  Grabe… It is so embarrassing  since it’s the Pinoys who don’t seem to like it when their fellow Pinoys are improving and finally, reaching their dreams. What’s up with the crab mentality?? I hope that Filipinos will learn to be proud of their fellow kababayans.

c.) FILIPINO LANGUAGE: what happens when we try to mix our language with other languages? We have taglish, tagdeutsch and others. We mixed them together. Did you know that Filipino kids are not that fluent in understanding deep Filipino words?? Why? Because they are introduced to the local language.. the kanto words.. the kalyewords.. hmmm .. I personally don’t approve of  Filipino kids losing interest in the beauty of our own language!!

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