… of crabs and men

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crabby-veer2-300x225Smaller, younger crabs will reach up with their laws to hang on to a strong leader crab trying to climb out. All are trying to gain liberty out of the crab basket. From too much weight, everyone, including the leader, fall back to the bottom. The climb starts again, usually with the same strong crab leading.

The crabs did not mean to pull the leader down. Crabs know nothing of gravity or spite. Crabs are pure of heart and mean no harm. But when humans pull another down, it is usually out of envy and greed.

Rarely, a moral, law-abiding Filipino squeals on a superior who is grafting and corrupting. This whistle-blower will be ostracized. Hardly any will see him as the hero that he is. He will be accused of many things, including having crab mentality. The whistle-blower chose to drag his boss down.

Humans insult the crab. The crab does not know how to scheme like humans. Humans get jealous, scheming, vicious, selfish. These are not crab traits. When a strong, motivated, and determined crab climbs up and reaches the rim of the basket, the crabs below look up to the strong leader, a hero. The crabs below are not thinking: “I’m going to drag this show-off down. All of us down here will hold on to him, and pull him down. We’re jealous of his success.” The crabs, pure in thought and instinct: “I admire you, Leader Crab. You have reached the rim of the basket. I want to follow your path. Please take my hand (or claw) and pull me up with you. I hope I don’t pull you down. I just want to reach your height.”

Crab Mentality or Crab Dance has nothing to do with crabs. It is strictly human. The trait should therefore be called Human Mentality or Human Dance.

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