Which of your girlfriend's friend annoys you the most?

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MANILA, Philippines –  As an old adage goes, “You cannot please everyone.” As much as you want all your girlfriend’s friends to like you and as much as you want to like them all, there is always someone in that group whose presence just makes the bomb in your head tick. These are your girlfriend’s friends that you have to constantly deal with.

The clingy friendNobody loves your girlfriend more than you…almost. This is a friend who seems to have an issue with boundaries. The one who is always there on your date, even on a valentine’s day or birthday or anniversary. This is the person who cannot seem to understand the word privacy. No matter how much you want to get rid of this girl, you just cannot do it because this girl is your girlfriend’s BFF.


The gay friendThis friend excellently knows everything. He gives you tips on how you should dress and he constantly reminds you of how you should make your girlfriend happy. This guy talks too much, but the advices he give you work all the time. No matter how much you want to get rid of this genius, you just cannot do it, because this guy helps you a lot more than you could imagine. How would you deal with your girlfriend’s tantrums and PMS without him? You like this guy, but not in a gay way.

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The one you got a crush onYou can’t help but look at your girlfriend’s beautiful and bodacious friend. Who could blame you? The girl is drop-dead gorgeous. No matter how much you want to get rid of this temptation, you just cannot do it, because well, she is such a peach and she always shares her beauty tips to your girlfriend. Plus, she always saves you from accompanying your girl to the shopping mall. You owe this girl a lot too.


The guy friendThis is the guy who loves to watch foot ball games with your girlfriend and the one who loves to drink scotch with your her every Friday night. This is the guy who you tend to be jealous of. No matter how much you want to get rid of this hunk, you just cannot do it, because you don’t drink scotch, and much of a bigger deal, this guy and your girlfriend has been friends seen they were in diapers.


The attention hogThis is someone who could not stop blabbing about her problems. This is the person who always gets drunk whenever you are at a party. This person definitely is the first one to get drunk on your wedding night. No matter how much you want to get rid of this girl, you just cannot do it because in your mind, your girlfriend is the only true friend she has. I mean, only a real and true friend can put up with her every day drama, right?


But no matter who your girlfriend’s friend are, you have to put up with them because you love her, and mainly because she puts up with your friends too. Being with someone means sharing your life with the people whom your girlfriend has shared her life with. So who among these people is the hardest one to deal with? Good luck with telling your girlfriend that.


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